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Do you want to be a better Game Master?

Do you want to run a game your players call exciting,
well organized and fast-paced?

Face it. Being the DM is hard work. It's up to YOU to keep combat fast and exciting. It's up to YOU to have instant, encyclopedic knowledge of the rules. It's up to YOU to be prepared each and every game session.

How would you like an assistant at your side each game session to keep you organized, help run the game smoothly and make your combats fast and exciting?

Wow! - Monte Cook

DM's Familiar is the Answer!

DM's Familiar focuses on 3 important areas: Combat Management, Reference Library, and Codex Tree.

Combat Management

The Combat Manager in DM's Familiar handles all of the nitty-gritty details of 3E and Pathfinder combat. DMF will give you much faster and more exciting combat. The Combat Manager rolls initiatives, keeps track of who's turn it is, makes attack and damage rolls for the monsters, and much more.
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YouTube: Combat Board Basics
Screen Shot 1, Screen Shot 2

Using DM's Familiar to run combat knocked a good 50% off the
time it took to run the melee.
Pete N., Dallas, TX

Reference Library

The Reference Library of DM's Familiar puts all of the rules of the game at your fingertips. No more lugging all of those books to each game session. No more wondering what book a particular feat is in. Your game will run smooth and fast with DM's Familiar Reference Library.
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You Tube: Reference Library
Creature Screenshots: Main, Specials, Skills, Attacks, Notes
Spell Screenshots: Main, Description
Other Screenshots: Skills, Rule

My game has improved 100% using DM's Familiar.
We spend a lot less time looking things up and juggling books than before.
Kevin P., Quincy, IL

Codex Tree

The Codex Tree of DM's Familiar is a word-processing and outline tool that will keep your game incredibly organized. Campaign notes, adventure outlines, world histories; you'll have them all at your fingertips, easily and quickly.
Movie: Codex Tree Basics
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I have a couple "F" words to describe your product: Fantastic and Fabulous.
Mike L., Elmira, NY


If you had an assistant doing all that, would it free you up to run an exciting, interesting game?

DM's Familiar is the Answer!
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That's not all, DM's Familiar is also:

Easy to Use: DM's Familiar was designed from the start to be as easy as possible to use. I'm so confident that DM's Familiar is easy to use that I'll give you me email address: todd@paladinpgm.com. If you can't figure something out, email me.

Entering data in DM's Familiar is done on standard, simple data entry screens. You just type in what you want. There's no complicated scripting tool or programming language that you'll have to learn.

Fast to Use: DM's Familiar will help you run the game faster. Everything is designed to be done with 1 or 2 mouse clicks. To make an attack, you click one button. You don't have to open multiple screens and click multiple options to get things done.

Flexible: DM's Familiar will help you run the game the way you want to run it. Features you don't want to use will not be in your way. DM's Familiar will never force you to roll dice on the computer if you don't want to.

Popular: The DM's Familiar Yahoo group has over 900 members. It's a great place to ask questions and learn the best way to use the program.

DM's Familiar is the Answer!
Download a Free Evaluation Copy now!

Open Gaming License
DM's Familiar, the program, is not Open Game Content. The DATA included with DM's Familiar IS Open Game Content and comes from the System resource Document. Specifically, everything within the DATA directory created when you install DM's Familiar is Open game Content. You can read the Open Game License here.